About Us

What is Farmergolf?

  • A variation of the classic game of golf.  The golf course is laid out on a farm and the objective is to play a round of ten holes in the least number of strokes. Is played on pastures, over ditches,  through trees and amongst the farm animals.
  • Uses specially designed clubs shaped to resemble a clog and balls the size of mini soccer balls to add to the unique experience.
  • Great outdoor fun in a natural setting together with friends, family or colleagues. Everyone can play Farmersgolf.  There are no age, skill level or accreditation restrictions – no diplomas required.


Where is Farmersgolf from?

Farmersgolf was invented and first played in the Achterhoek on the pastures of the Weenink Cheese Farm in Lievelde (the Netherlands).

It is the first farm golf course in the world. From a historical perspective, the Weenink Cheese Farm in Lievelde, the Netherlands is to Farmersgolf what St. Andrews in Scotland is to classic golf.

The number of farm golf courses is growing rapidly: from just a few farm golf courses in early 2004 to more than 170 Farmersgolf locations in several countries by June 2010.